Are you a Certified Private Blog Network Specialist?

certified private blog network scam

Just like you can’t get a good job if you do not have a degree… You should not make a PBN if you are not certified PBN specialist! This is why our beloved Mathew Woodward have introduced his own course! With this course, not only you will learn how to do simple things for a […]

700% Conversion Rate in Amazon Associates!

I did it.

I am not talking about achieving 10% or even 20% conversion rate… I am talking about a massive and non-believable conversion rate of up to 700% in Amazon Associates affiliate program! I am going to put it under Black Hat methods because I am not sure in which hat it belongs too. What’s more amazing […]

[Case Study] Ranking a Website Using GSA SER

GSA SER is Dead

  With each passing day, the number of [this-is-dead] people is just increasing. If you don’t know, I am talking about those people who keep saying {SEO|CLickbank|Insert_anything} is dead. We all know such people who just keep asking stupid questions on every forum, every website comment and even in real life. So I decided to […]

Do YOU have what it takes?

do you have what it takes

Do ya? Are you sitting around nervous and worrying about what move to make? Buying all these dumbass courses and all of them keep failing?!?!? You’re moving in the wrong direction bros. I’ve always hated the phrase “work smarter not harder”. I believe that if you work HARD ENOUGH the “SMART” part of the equation […]

Chimp Rewriter Review – Let the Monkey Write Content!

chimprewriter review

To be honest, writing all that content from scratch just sucks! For your money site, sure you will need hand written articles for the sake of conversion rate. When it comes to generating content for SEO needs like link building & spamming around the web, you will definitely need unique content. Now we have got […]

Penguin 3.0 is Released! Spreading Across WWW like Ebola

main reason of Google Penguin 3.0

Yep… It is true! It looks like the new version of Google Animal update “Penguin” is finally spreading across the whole index like its ebola. The google’s comment: This update will cheer up the webmasters was yet again another lie. I am seeing people whining, crying & telling others how they lost all of their […]

PBN De-Indexing Wave – Winners, Losers & The FUTURE

pbn is dead.

This is Don Carter, reporting live from the war zone. The highly fortified and last stance of the SEO’s, fort “PBN” has been breached. Not breached by the attacks, but for the fact that the leaders didn’t had the courage to keep going on! One of the leader of brigade “Hayden Miyamoto” is reportedly seriously […]

How to Remove Hidden StatCounter Links!

How to Remove Hidden StatCounter Links!

We all love StatCounter – The free invisible stats counter that gives in-detail reports on the traffic, popular keywords, exit links activity and tons of other information. They offer 2 type of plans: free and paid but the question is: That free plan is actually free? I don’t think so… This morning, I was just […]

Things to Avoid While Making a PBN

SEO Going to beat the shit out of Google...

After countless algorithm years, we are finally here…. The word on the street is the normal link building methods are not working that good. The flock is now moving onto PBN race and ditching the old common sense SEO. Well I totally disagree with what other things as the normal link building and GSA SPAM […]